What is NZRRP?
The New Zealand Register of Recreation Professionals (NZRRP) is an initiative by a collective of National Recreation Organisations and National Safety Bodies. It is a web-based database for the public to find and access the qualifications and services of professionals working in our industry (whether paid or in a voluntary capacity) in order to make a more informed decision about who they choose to engage with.

NZRRP allows individuals who hold Qualifications that are agreed by the NZRRP Governance Group, to be recognised publicly. It also allows for those qualification holders to show the currency of their skills and knowledge through a renewable registration process that measures currency based on agreed industry criteria.

The NZRRP website also allows easy reference to those workplaces that have passed the quality assurance standards of either Poolsafe or OutdoorsMark.

What Qualifications are recognised?
The qualifications and competency standards that are recognised for registration on the NZRRP are those that the recreation industry have collaborated on and agreed should be placed on the New Zealand Qualifications Framework (NZQF). The NZQF has quality assurance systems that provide good levels of surety about consistency of graduates across any provider offering those qualifications or standards. Where a NZQF qualification does not exist, the Governance Group may recommend an alternative, industry based qualification to recognize the standard if one exists.

The NZRRP Governance Group want to reduce any confusion or ambiguity in the range of qualifications that are recognised for registration. To this end they are only recognising one qualification (or collection of standards where this is more appropriate) in each identified activity level role in the sector. It is acknowledged that there may be different programme pathways to achieve the qualification/competencies, but the end point will be the same. It is also possible for other structured and quality assured Industry Association qualifications to be benchmarked against the New Zealand Qualifications, thus giving those association member graduates a pathway to the NZ qualifications and registration on NZRRP, if this is useful for them. Skills Active ITO can be contacted for more information about this.

The Governance Group have convened a number of Sector Advisory Groups in the identified subsections of the recreation industry: outdoor recreation, fitness, community recreation, sport. These sector advisory groups have the task of recommending to the governance group which qualifications/competencies on the NZQF best represent an appropriate industry standard for activity job roles. They also recommend registration / re-registration criteria and time frames. The fitness group have recommended that we endorse the current Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) categories and criteria as these are linked to NZQF qualifications and are well supported by the fitness industry. The Sport advisory group is yet to meet and is not considered a priority at this early stage in the NZRRP development as most codes have internationally affiliated coaching and officiating qualifications that are meeting the subsector's immediate requirements.

Tell us what you think
NZRRP is a new development and as such it is likely that those on the governance group will not have anticipated all the issues, and inevitably with a software implementation strategy such as this web-enabled database, there will be bugs despite testing! We want this to be valued and used by the industry and public. Please contact us, using the contact tab on the website, to alert us to any problems you encounter or with creative ideas you have to make the site work better.

Search for safety audited organisations and facilities:

PoolSafe and OutdoorsMark are quality assurance schemes aimed at increasing safety for users of pools and outdoor recreation facilities.

PoolSafe audits public pools and is run by the NZ Recreation Association and Water Safety New Zealand.

OutdoorsMark audits outdoor and tourism organisations and is run by Skills Active Aotearoa.

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